Author: Rhea Arora

Media Pitch vs. Press Release: How They Differ and When to Use Them

A media pitch is like a tailored invitation to a conversation, while a press release is more like a formal announcement usually distributed to multiple news sources.

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Scattered workflows are a barrier to collaboration. What PR teams need is an all-in one solution that streamlines the most crucial elements of their day-today.

PR Metrics that Matter: Beyond Ad Value Equivalency and Share of Voice

PR teams do a lot of behind-the-scenes work. Quantifying these efforts as measurable metrics can firm up credibility with internal stakeholders.

Will AI Replace Public Relations Professionals?

Even as technologies such as artificial intelligence transform the way we work, the human touch remains irreplaceable for public relations professionals.

How Automating PR Reports Can Elevate Your Brand Strategy

Automating your reporting will free up your time while offering insight into which strategies are working.

Managing Large Media Relations Teams in the Remote Work Era

You’re not just managing teams, you’re pioneering a new way of working. Here’s how to get started leading your remote media relations team more effectively.