10 Free PR Newsletters You Can Subscribe To Today

In an external-facing function like public relations, staying informed is paramount to success. Trends shift, strategies evolve, and opportunities emerge with lightning speed. For PR professionals, being on the pulse of industry developments isn’t just advantageous—it’s essential.

But let’s face it: Keeping up with ever-changing developments isn’t a walk in the park. Staying informed is crucial, but can also be time-consuming. There are so many great resources designed to help PR professionals, but it can be hard to keep track of them amid the hustle and bustle of daily responsibilities.

Subscribing to industry newsletters that deliver daily or weekly updates straight to your inbox solves that problem. These bite-sized bursts of industry insights are accessible, convenient and delivered right to your inbox.

Staying informed is crucial in the world of communications, but it can also be time-consuming.
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We’ve put together a list of 10 PR newsletters that hit the mark. And the best part is that they’re all free!

1. PR Daily

PR Daily, a leading source for PR news and insights across the public relations, social media and marketing world, offers a daily newsletter tailored to PR professionals’ needs.

This newsletter stands out for its practical tips, expert analysis and real-world case studies. It caters to different niches within the public relations world through a trusty daily delivery of top headlines across a range of diverse topics such as media relations, crisis management and more.

A great way for communicators looking to stay updated, learn new skills and strategies, or gain inspiration for a new campaign! Link to subscribe

2. PRWeek

PRWeek is a renowned industry powerhouse that delivers comprehensive coverage of industry news, trends and analysis. They offer an impressive array of newsletters, customized by geography and/or interest.

Whether you’re tracking breaking news for ongoing issues or just want the weekly highlights and industry commentary, there’s something for every PR practitioner. Pro tip: They offer a weekly bulletin delivering creative inspiration from the world of PR and comms every Friday!

While several of PR Week’s newsletters are free for all, there are a few specific ones that require a paid subscription. For a full list, check: Link

3. Provoke Media

Provoke Media, a leading platform for PR professionals, offers a Global Briefing newsletter focusing on innovation and thought leadership in the PR industry.

Beyond industry insights from major global markets and commentary on emerging trends, this newsletter also highlights top people and agency updates from around the world, making it easy to keep track of who’s who in public relations. Link to subscribe

4. Muck Rack

Muck Rack’s newsletter is unique in that it tracks and analyzes articles that are most discussed by journalists. In their own words, it’s like an opportunity to “eavesdrop” in a newsroom.

Knowing what journalists are reading, thinking and talking about can be extremely insightful in learning how to build and maintain relationships with them. Photo from Unsplash

Their daily round-up is composed of news, analysis and feature stories, along with updates and alerts tracking your favourite journalists whenever they publish articles, post social media updates or change jobs. It also includes a fun and interactive “Water Cooler” section inviting responses to a Question of the Day.

While we don’t know all the answers, there’s no question that this newsletter is worth checking out for PR professionals: Link

5. Michael Smart

Michael Smart is a well-recognized PR trainer and coach with a reputation for helping clients land coverage in the likes of the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, TIME Magazine and more. The former journalist now helps industry professionals navigate their professional as well as personal journey.

He runs a community called the Inner Circle, distributing a weekly newsletter with actionable strategies and resources to enhance your repertoire of skills. Each weekly blast is positioned as a mini-lesson on a key aspect of a PR practitioner’s bread and butter—from managing relationships with journalists and crafting compelling pitches to salary negotiation tips.

Psst! You can also get access to his list of 10 Free PR resources without any subscriptions: Link

6. Spin Sucks

Spin Sucks is a community force with a wide content portfolio of blogs, podcasts and videos on all things media. Their newsletter links to some of their top content pieces on different aspects of the PR practice, with a focus on clients, work life and professional development stories.

If you’re ready to step things up a bit, Spin Sucks also has a free Slack community bringing together the brightest minds in communications today, ranging from agency and in-house professionals to non-profit gurus and influencers.

Here’s where you can sign up: Link

7. Wadds Inc.

Wadds Inc.’s weekly newsletter offers a wealth of insights and analysis from PR industry veteran and thought-leader Stephen Waddington. With a focus on digital PR, social media and strategic communication, Wadds Inc. delivers thought-provoking content and provides valuable perspectives to inform and inspire PR professionals in their daily work.

It’s essentially a summary of key headlines on some of the hottest topics broadly around the world and specifically within the PR industry, delivered with insights and commentary from Waddington.

Link to subscribe

8. Sword and the Script

Sword and the Script’s newsletter aggregates top articles from the worlds of marketing, PR and social media to provide industry professionals with practical tips and best practices to navigate the complexities of the modern media landscape. The content skews towards storytelling, media relations, and content marketing, including topics like media pitching techniques and crisis communication strategies.

Note: Sword and The Script’s newsletter focuses primarily on the B2B tech sector, but the insights are broad enough for any PR practitioner to benefit from. Link

9. PR@ctical

True to its name, PR@actical is a weekly newsletter covering practical advice, industry news and expert commentary for PR professionals. It covers a wide range of topics across personal branding, networking and career development, providing valuable insights to help PR professionals advance their careers and achieve their goals. The content is styled short and candid, which is a welcome break!

Subscribe at: Link

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10. Axios

Axios is a fact-first media powerhouse that tells it as it is. They report on wide groups of topics ranging from politics, business and technology to health and culture. They produce at least a dozen different newsletters that could prove useful for communicators in specific industries. We recommend their Media Trends newsletter to general practitioners.

Check out Axios’s full range of newsletters here: Link

Navigating public relations practice demands more than just skill. It requires professionals to stay informed and adapt to ever-changing trends and strategies.

Access to free resources like these 10 free PR newsletters allows you to access industry insights and expertise delivered straight to your inbox. They are also a savvy choice for budget-conscious PR teams, providing a wealth of knowledge at no cost.

In an industry where knowledge is power, we’re grateful to everyone who contributes to creating invaluable tools for continuous learning and development.