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Who is the Broadsight Tracker for?

Broadsight is for media relations and issues management teams in large public or private sector organizations who need an easy way to track their day-to-day work and distill it down into actionable intelligence through customizable analytics and reports.

Who made the Broadsight Tracker?

Broadsight began as an in-house tool designed by high-performing media relations and issues management professionals to help them in their work. It is being jointly co-developed for broader use by the University of British Columbia and the founder.

Meet the Team

How long has Broadsight been operating for?

In development since 2019, Broadsight is currently in use in some of Canada’s largest research universities with applicability to numerous public and private sector environments.

How did you come up with the concept?

Quantifying the work of media relations teams has always been a challenge, particularly in large distributed organizations. What started as an expansive Google Sheet database was turned into a cloud-based tool incorporating the best principles and features identified by media relations teams across Canada and optimized by UBC’s large media relations team.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary based on the number of seats your organization needs. We offer a range of plans that can be customized to meet your media team’s specific needs.

How many people can use it?

As many people as you need.

Is this another media monitoring tool?

No. Broadsight Tracker is very different from existing media monitoring tools. It is designed to support collaboration and track the specific response of your team, not just the coverage you or your organization generate. Broadsight provides an incredibly helpful companion to media monitoring tools on the market, helping you directly connect your efforts to their results.

Is it secure?

Yes. The Broadsight Tracker has been developed in consultation with the University of British Columbia’s information security office and in accordance with UBC’s information security standards and application security guidelines. Data is stored on a dedicated Amazon Web Services instance, with user authentication through AWS Cognito. With servers in Montreal, Broadsight maintains Canadian data sovereignty and compliance with Canadian data privacy regulations.

How can I find out if Broadsight is right for my team?

Book a demo with the founder today and he’ll walk you through it.