Managing Large Media Relations Teams in the Remote Work Era

Managing media relations teams effectively in the remote work era is essential for PR leaders.

As I sit here, tapping away on my keyboard from my home office, it strikes me just how much media relations has changed. The days of bustling newsrooms and impromptu brainstorming sessions over coffee are gone. Instead, we find ourselves leading teams scattered across cities, all working towards a common goal in the virtual realm.

Night view from space of city lights in various spots on the globe.
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In light of this transformation, here’s how you can get started leading your remote media relations team more effectively.

Project Management: Streamlining Workflows in a Virtual Landscape

Our industry once thrived on face-to-face interactions and in-person brainstorming sessions. The shift to virtual collaboration has been monumental. Coordinating seamlessly across time zones is now the norm, and it brings a unique set of challenges. For public relations teams, maintaining consistency in efforts is paramount. Every press release, every media interaction, must resonate with precision.

The pandemic has given rise to tools that can help. For instance, Broadsight Tracker steps in as our virtual command center here at the University of British Columbia, bringing together every facet of our media relations efforts. From press interactions to campaign analytics, it comprehensively integrates every aspect of our work. This helps keep our messaging sharp and our strategies finely tuned.

Peformance Tracking and Evaluation: Leveraging Data for Success

The pressure for media relations teams to deliver measurable results has never been higher. The “invisible work” that PR teams do is invaluable, but it can easily get lost—especially in a remote setting. The C-suite can sometimes overlook the intricacies of our work, and we need performance metrics that showcase the true impact of our efforts.

Every campaign and touchpoint should be available for evaluation. This is where Broadsight Tracker truly shines. It offers a real-time view of our team’s efforts, allowing us to spot trends, identify critical issues and make data-driven decisions. Having this level of insight at our fingertips is vital to showcase and celebrate our team’s wins. It’s also a cornerstone of our brand’s competitive advantage.

Flexibility, Well-being and Thriving in the Remote Work Landscape

Flexibility is not just a buzzword, it’s a lifeline for our team’s well-being. It involves setting healthy boundaries and creating space for our team members to thrive. PR teams not only manage media interactions but also craft compelling narratives that resonate with audiences. To do this effectively, our team members need the space and freedom to work when inspiration strikes.

Tracker has become indispensable to us for this. It automates tasks that once consumed valuable hours, and gives our team back the time we need to focus on what truly matters. Our team survives and thrives in this evolving landscape by leveraging technology that’s custom-designed for our type of work.

In this era of remote work, we’re not just managing teams, we’re pioneering a new way of working. With the right balance of streamlined workflows, data-driven insights, and a flexible work environment, we’re poised to make waves in this dynamic media landscape.