Broadsight Launches Customized Calendar for Effortless Editorial Planning

Today, Broadsight launched its newest feature: a customized editorial calendar that allows users and managers to see everything the team is working on at a glance in daily, weekly and monthly views. 

The new feature addresses direct feedback from communications teams that have struggled to integrate their editorial planning with the results that it leads to. 

Existing systems are too complicated and aren’t designed for the unique needs of communications teams, which leads to poor adoption and inconsistent results. With this in mind, we created our new simplified calendar feature. The calendar aims to integrate editorial planning with Broadsight’s media Interaction and service logs. It allows for optimized content planning and tracking in one place. 

You can choose what to view on the calendar (services and/or content), and see media interactions laid out on an easy-to-view monthly schedule perfect for your editorial planning meetings. Viewing all content and media is just one click away. 

As with all other tracker logs, the calendar data feeds directly into the analytics system, giving you a one-stop place to view and manage your communications, media and issues work.