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Media Pitch vs. Press Release: How They Differ and When to Use Them

A media pitch is like a tailored invitation to a conversation, while a press release is more like a formal announcement usually distributed to multiple news sources.

Broadsight Welcomes Sales Manager Jordan Kling

The Broadsight team is pleased to welcome Jordan Kling as our first full-time Sales Manager.

10 Free PR Newsletters You Can Subscribe To Today

Staying on top of industry trends is key to success in communications. Here are our top free newsletter picks to help PR pros keep informed!

The Balancing Act of Issues Management in Large Organizations

Decentralizing issues management is key to sustainable growth in large public-facing organizations – here’s how you can get started.

Web Traffic Terms Every PR Professional Should Know

Decoding web traffic jargon to help you better understand and connect with audiences in the digital-first era.

Media Training Exercises That Will Prepare You For Anything

A list of practical and proven media training exercises to get you ready for your next interview.

Media Relations in Higher Education: Working With The Student Press

Practical tips from media relations professionals who deal with the student press every day.

P World Crisis Communications Boot Camp Review

The P World Crisis Communications Boot Camp provides networking opportunities, skill development and inspiration for taking on more crisis communications work.

New Permissions Feature Lets You Keep The Circle Tight

Our new permissions feature allows managers to track critical issues-management work while keeping the circle tight in terms of who can access the materials.

Broadsight Launches Customized Calendar for Effortless Editorial Planning

Discover seamless editorial planning with Broadsight’s new calendar feature, streamlining content integration effortlessly.